Vera Zemscova
Born in Moldova, living in Estonia, and feeling like a citizen of the world
Sommelier and wine expert in Cyprus, Moldova, and Croatia. I conduct wine tastings and wine casinos. I have created a mobile wine rating app
I develop websites and mobile applications for businesses using no-code principles. Being a one-person team, I handle project management, design, and development, making the process quick and cost-effective, unlike the price of a Boeing wing.
I am a scriber and designer. I love to draw both with traditional tools like paint and paper and with iPad. Lately, I've also been using artificial intelligence.
Many years ago, I studied the piano and even completed a master's degree in music production. However, it's now time for me to pick up the microphone and sing. I've been working on my vocal skills for over a year and have been performing at concerts.
I have been engaged in practical shooting since 2014. I am the champion of Estonia in rifle shooting and Moldova in pistol shooting. I am also an international range officer and shooting instructor, and I have worked at World and European Championships.
For many years, I have been creating educational projects and working as a producer. I have organized over 400 commercial public events. I am also the author of the book "Организация тренингов" (Training Organization).
+372 53853055
Tallinn, Estonia